Taurus female?

Taurus female?

I’ve been dating an aquarius man for a month and we’ve gotten preety serious. There’s only a couple of things: he says he loves me already and wants to be with me at all hours. This is fine but astrogically speaking how do we match? Aquarius man brings out the wildness in Taurus woman, and she loves this about him. Though both are incredible flirts, Taurus woman worries a bit that Aquarius man will stray-and he might. These two also have a superficial hurdle to get over, which requires them to put their priorities into place. This is a probable relationship and a very possible marriage. Aquarius man likes strangeness in the bedroom. If Taurus woman can let go of her old-fashioned side a bit, Aquarius man will be more taken by her.

Dating a taurus woman yahoo Taurus women characteristics and personality traits

This could be a difficult love match. The Taurus woman craves security and solid dependable routine whereas the Sagittarius man lives for adventure and thrives on freedom and living in the moment. The Taurus woman is stubborn and the Sagittarius man is honest and blunt.

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Now remember, sometimes explainations of your sign could not fully describe your personality. It’s only the surface of what is you! Fill out the natal chart, and it’ll give every detail of your planets and everything in between. Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, the Taurus female possesses the happy knack of making men feel marvellous right from the outset. With a love of good food and elegant restaurants, she often sets her sights on a “swish” house where she can play the hostess to perfection.

There is, however, a dangerous tendency for the Taurus woman to be overly possessive of those she loves. This female will constantly remain attractive, retaining her “bloom” for many years and being constantly concerned about her appearance.

Have you ever dated a Taurus woman?

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I been with a taurus for 4 years what are they like? Mine has turned our relationship into. Us dating. She can go days without texting or calling I get upset.

I wanna know what you can you expect from a taurus woman in a relationship? She is very independent in terms of finances. I know she don’t need me for money, and that makes me feel secure to a extent. Guys who are cancers, what where your experiences with dating a taurus? She always answers when i call, She always remember to call me too. I just don’t wanna get hurt or waste my time you know. So let me know what to expect people.

This is primarily due to the fact that Taurus’s like stability and therefore, hates change. My best friend gets pissed off easily when I hang out with my crush instead of her. Just yesterday I was talking to my Taurus female friend and she was complaining about how everything is changing just because my Gemini friend has a bf. She was listing all the negative changes and not the positives.

Taurus girl

Plus i can learn how to be more grounded. I’m a Taurus woman. XD I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I am weird. Just social skills weird because I’m really shy and awkward. But I agree with one of the answers that we are very stubborn. Although, if you try hard enough, you can break into my stubborn wall and make me agree with your ideas.

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Sexy, funny and down to earth the Taurus woman is perfect for those looking for a balanced and “real” partner. She is dependable, patient, sensible and reliable – while at the same time enjoying an unmatched level of sensuality and humor. She dislikes and avoids risk and tends to be gentle and tolerant of others, with a strong sense of honor and integrity.

Practical and stable, she has an above average level of common sense. The Taurus woman values tradition, loyalty and stability, and as a result can be highly sentimental and emotional over loved ones, possessions and even routines. As might be surmised from this, she really doesn’t like change and can be very hard to persuade!

what is it like for guys dating a taurus girl?

Taurus is an Earth sign and is governed by planet Venus, just like Capricorn and Virgo zodiac signs. According to Taurus horoscope, this time period will be another building year for you, Taurus, where your applied efforts bring solid and visible effects into your life. The Taurus people are, usually, very rational.

taurus woman virgo man experience Virgos can often tend to experience worry Including one really great Three dating taurus man virgo woman, scores, the to be strong and Yahoo Virgo woman dating virgo manWhy the power of Taurus.

I can imagine it being very slow, steadfast and boring But i’m wondering because I know a few Taurus girls and they do attract guys They chase love with no stop. I met only one Taurus girl that I was attracted to. She was very goal-oriented, a dancer, a dreamer, sometimes very bossy, other times very easy to joke with. Physically, she had a really nice smile, cool hair, and kind eyes. But I didn’t feel a strong enough attraction to her to ask her out.

I’m an Aquarius with a Taurus moon and I’m always attracted to Scorpio and Leo girls the most but I tend to attract Capricorn and Aquarius girls the most. I had an Aquarius friend who dated a Taurus girl. She wasn’t the best looking girl but every guy in the school wanted to date her she was Asian and lot of the guys had yellow fever.

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Short it depends on people, not their DOB Perfect mix of wisdom, passion, warmth, innocence and responsibility. Very sexual. Hates drama and twisted ways. Too direct.

born on may 11? why do they love deeply but disappear! and not just this date i dated a few taurus and they seem to not handle their.

Top definition. As a pisces we are very emotional but we tend to try and hide it. We get very angry sometimes. We have off days. We worry about everybody else’s problems and tend to not worry about our own problems. We will snap on you if you say something rude or sassy. And we care about people who aren’t mean to us.


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